Scalable from 400kW to 1600kW Parallel-capable up to 6.4MW

Symmetra MW – The worlds largest modular UPS, with ultra-high efficiency for medium to large data centers, buildings, and facilities. Modular, scalable, three-phase power protection with industry-leading performance for mission-critical environments

  • Ultra-high efficiency (97%) in full protection mode
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Fault-tolerant, robust platform design
  • Parallel capable for capacity or redundancy
  • Scalable power protection – pay as you grow
  • Modular design provides inherent redundancy
  • Universal battery support
  • Unity input power factor corrected
  • Robust design protects loads of all types
  • Network manageable
Symmetra™ MW redefines high-power UPS technology as a modular, fault-tolerant UPS in the 400-1600kW range. As the only UPS capable of scaling up to 1.6MW in a single module and parallelling UPSs to provide up to 6.4MW of power, Symmetra MW is ideal for large data centers or complete buildings. Symmetra MW is also ideally suited for healthcare and other critical facility protection requirements with rigorous and changing electrical demands. Setting a new standard for low cost of ownership, Symmetra MW delivers best-in-class efficiency and a reduction in rating of electrical infrastructure- wires, transformers, and even generators.