For Galaxy V Series 3 Phase UPS

A compact, lightweight, long-lasting, and sophisticated energy storage solution for 3-phase uninterruptible power supplies.

The Schneider Electric Lithium-ion battery solution for 3-phase UPSs is a high-value, innovative energy storage protection solution for data centers, industrial processes, and critical infrastructure. The Lithium-ion battery solution significantly reduces battery footprint and weight to allow more effective use of space. It also doubles battery life and simplifies maintenance compared to traditional batteries. The higher operating temperature reduces cooling requirements, and the included battery management system improves backup storage predictability and manageability, which reduces total cost of ownership.

Total cost of Ownership

Lightweight battery solution
Reduces weight by over two-thirds, providing flexibility to install the battery solution on any floor while minimizing structural modification requirements.

Reduces cooling costs
Reduces the battery room size and increases tolerance to a wider operating temperature range, which allows you to decrease the capacity of the cooling solution.

Compact battery footprint
Reduces battery solution footprint dramatically, so revenue-generating equipment can take its place.

Extended battery life
Lithium-ion technology doubles battery service life, reducing the risks of downtime or load interruption during maintenance or replacement.

Advanced battery management included
Embedded monitoring at the cell, module, and cabinet level provides a clear picture of battery runtime and health, with the added benefits of predictable, consistent runtime performance, and stable cell health.

Galaxy Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet With 13
battery modules
With 16
battery modules
With 17
battery modules
Nominal battery voltage (VDC) 395 486 517
End of discharge voltage (VDC) 312 384 408
Nominal capacity (Ah) 67
Battery module capacity 2.04 kWh
Rolling casters Yes
Color & ID design RAL9003; Schneider Galaxy V family UPS industrial design
Humidity 0-95%, non-condensing
Altitude Maximum of 3000 m (10000 ft)
External communication
Dry contacts; Modbus TCP/IP; Modbus RS-485
Compliance UL1642; UL 1973; UL 9540A; UL 991, UL 1998, UN 38.3; CE; CB; UKCA; ROHS; REACH
Seismic Seismic kit as standard; IBC SDS (g)=2.5
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1970 x 650 x 587mm (77.56 x 25.59 x 23.11 in)
Weight 415 kg (915 lb) 470 kg (1036 lb) 490 kg (1080 lb)

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